Froling Gain Certification To Burn B-Grade Waste at 1MW & 1.5MW


The UK biomass industry is constantly trying to find ways to counter the current low fossil fuel costs, along with an ever changing and decreasing RHI subsidy. Increasingly this means burning lower grade, and lower cost fuels, but not all boilers are created equal… Low fuel quality means more material derived from the building and construction industry, causing variability in particle size, chemical makeup and moisture content & not all boilers are up to the challenge.

In order to meet UK emissions levels, and gain an RHI certificate on Grade B fuel, all a boiler has to do is prove that it can but the material in question whilst keeping the emissions as clean as possible. This however does not guarantee that the boiler itself is not sustaining damage, severely limiting its lifespan. Whilst some manufacturers have carried out the most basic testing allowed, Froling have taken the unusual step of carrying out extensive tests on the welfare of the boiler as well as the all important emissions levels. All this means that the boiler maintains its industry leading warranty as Froling are happy that their industrial boilers are able to cope with the added perils of Grade A & B recycled fuels.


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